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Jeven Flow application

Jeven Flow is an application for calculating and verifying professional kitchen airflows.
It can also be used for controlling and adjusting supply and exhaust airflows of kitchen hoods.
(Measurement and control of airflows requires a pressure indicator).

For example, you can enter the list of equipment that you find in a kitchen, and the app will automatically calculate the recommended airflows for that kitchen.
The calculations can be forwarded to your email address.

By connecting the Jeven Flow application to (UV-) SwingControl -monitoring unit,
you can read status information about  TurboSwing-motors and UV-lights.
The app also shows the “run-time” of UV-lights and event history.
Connecting to SwingControl requires Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

Download the application from the links below.

Google Play

Jeven Flow User Manual (pdf)

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