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Ansul R-102

Ansul R102 Fire Suppression System is especially designed for restaurant kitchens. It reacts to the flame and the resulting rise in temperature. The goal is to quickly suppress flames and prevent reincarnation. Ansulex extinguisher developed for oil burns is used as extinguishing agent.

Ansul Fire Suppression System is available to all Jeven hoods.


Restaurant kitchens use large amounts of heated oils and fats for cooking, which can cause severe fires when ignited. The fire spreads quickly after the hood or other ventilation system has been exposed to other structures.

The Ansul R-102 system is specially designed for the kitchen environment and uses an Ansulex extinguisher developed for oil burns. The system can be determined to react to the flame and the resulting rise in temperature.

Ansul R-102 is always tailor-made according to the target

The objective is to quickly suppress flames and prevent re-ignition by means of a safety film. The system uses an Ansulex fire extinguisher developed for oil fires. ”The fire extinguishing system protects the appliances selected from the kitchen – in practice, those with the highest fire risk, such as fryers, baking sheets, parila and salamander. In addition to these, the filter and the outgoing IV pipes are protected from the filters to prevent the fire from spreading to the rest of the property” says Manu Alarto of YTM-Industrial, a supplier of Ansulex extinguishing systems in Finland.

Ansul R-102 can be installed on all Jeven’s solutions. For example, an Ansul fire extinguishing system has been installed in the Kamppi shopping center’s nine restaurants in the Kortteli restaurant world.

Ideally suited for commercial kitchens in

  • restaurants
  • fast food chains
  • retail food courts and hotels
  • schools, hospitals, cafes etc.

R-102 system is designed to protect areas associated with

  • various types of fryers
  • grills
  • range tops
  • filters
  • hoods
  • ducts

Basic system functions

  • Automatic shutdown
  • Manual shutdown
  • Disconnecting the power supply
  • Disconnecting the gas supply
  • Switching off the air conditioning

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