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RELE-SC is a user-friendly control and monitoring unit designed to connect Turbo-, UV-Turbo and UV-JPT hoods to building automation systems.
It provides alarm notification to the building automation system or alternative triggers a local alarm.
RELE-SC can also be retrofitted into previously delivered Turbo-, UV-Turbo or UV-JPT project.

Functioning principle

Turbo-, UV-Turbo- and UV-JPT- hoods are controlled with RELE-SC unit (on/off) via building automation time schedule or master switch.

The operation authorization for Turbo-, UV-Turbo and UV-JPT grease filters is set by locking 230VAC device power supply to the operation of the exhaust fan by relay control.
Grease filters are not allowed to operate / get power, if the exhaust fan is not running.

For maintenance, set hoods to the OFF-position via the building automation system or master switch to avoid unnecessary alarms caused by maintenance. Then cut off the power by safety switch.

After maintenance set power back on with the safety switch and building automation or master switch.

Product structure


External control connector and power supply.
Power supply, mains power transformer socket (230V, 0,48A), cable length 1,5m.

Attention! The mains power cord serves as the units supply disconnect device. It should be connected near the device and easily accessible for the users in a grounded socket outlet.






4-pin connector Binder series 713, type 99 0430 14 04,

is connected to the external control connector. Supplied separately.





PIN-connector, 6-Pin to connect control cable (0-10V)


The alarm relay is potential free, normally open relay. The maximum load is 6A/230VAC or 5A/30VD. Relay alarm is general alarm.

Connection to building automation or to master switch with 4-core cable using binder connector.

Pins: 1-2: Relay alarm.

Pins 3-4: External control (ON/OFF) input.
The external control must not be connected to external voltage.

External control is a digital input, that must be connected to potential-free relay. The external control can also be controlled from the master switch.


Dimension:                      200 x 175 x 75 mm

Operating voltage:         24V mains power transformer (included in delivery)

Power consumption:     18-19,2W


Electrical designer

  • Selects the socket for the power cord of RELE-SC.
  • The usable length of the power cord is 1 meter.
  • RELE-SC is connected as its own supply to continuous mains power using the socket connection.

Automation designer

  • Plans the connection using 4-core connection cable to the building automation or to the master switch.

Automation scheme examples:



In one module hoods, the control cables from each grease filters are connected to the RELE-SC.
Hoods build with multiple modules, the control cables needs to be connected to RELE-SC on-site.

One RELE-SC unit can be connected to 5 grease filters.

The safety switch is mandatory and must be installed in the immediate vicinity of the hood.

Safety switch, socket/outlet box and dashed cables are not included in the Jeven delivery.

Product code

JSI-UV-Turbo 2500x1300x330 -3×200 -2×315 +250 l/s -350 l/s –RELE-SC

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