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Extension of Iso Omena shopping center

The Iso Omena Shopping Center in Espoo, Finland, expanded in April 2017. As a result of the expansion, Iso Omena became Finland’s second largest shopping mall after Itäkeskus.
In addition to a several shops, Iso Omena opened a new restaurant scene, M.E.E.T., in which many restaurants with kitchen ventilation has been implemented with Jeven’s kitchen air conditioning units. M.E.E.T and the excellent entertainment services make Iso Omena an interesting leisure center.

Jeven hood solutions in seven restaurant:

Eatos Mexican diner
Street Gastro



Iso Omena is a shopping center in Matinkylä, Espoo. There are about 220 fashion, interior decorating, leisure and wellbeing activities, grocery stores and the world of restaurants.

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