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It is nice to work in Greeneri kitchen

Jonna Jokinen Head chef of Restaurant Greeneri

The restaurant Greeneri opened its doors in Midsummer 2017, and since then has offered tasty food in the leafy Mikkelipuisto area.

Restaurant Greeneri’s kitchen ventilation has been implemented with Jeven’s UV-TurboSwing hood solution. UV Turbo hoods have TurboSwing grease filtration unit and ozone-free UV light. The ultra-efficient filtration efficiency of UV-Turbo hoods keeps the ducts clean from even the smallest particles and gaseous grease, and significantly reduces the odors caused by cooking. The UV-Turbo filter efficiency remains high even at low airflows.

“It’s really good that smoky smell leaves immediately and the hoods are really easy to clean. It is nice to work here.”

Thanks to the functional hoods, the working environment remains comfortable. Kitchen temperature is appropriate and impurities are removed through UV-Turbos. The condensate hood absorbs the water vapor produced by the dishwasher effectively.

Restaurant Greeneri serves tasty food with a small twist spiced. Raw materials are produced near by Mikkeli. Garden lunch has been served year round and in the evenings you can order deliciousfood from á la carte. Greeneri is also popular place to have a private party.

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