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Delicious Oodi - Jeven's ozone-free UV-Turbo hoods takes care of Oodi's restaurant's kitchen ventilation.

Oodi’s, Fazer Food&Co restaurant server traditional Finnish flavors with a seasonal twist.
Restaurant features Jeven’s latest ozone-free UV-Turbo hoods, which creates the best working conditions for staff.
The status of the hoods is transmitted to the house automation via the UV-SwingControl monitoring unit.


New central Library and a living meeting place at the heart of Helsinki.

Oodi is a meeting place, a house of reading and a diverse urban experience. Oodi provides its visitors with knowledge, new skills and stories, and is an easy place to access for learning, relaxation and work.

Fazer Food & Co offers delicious food from morning till evening, seven days a week. The restaurant also offers catering services for meetings and events.

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