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All of the 11 restaurants in the Kortteli restaurant have a tailored Jeven hood solution. Most of the hood includes TurboSwing® Grease Filtration Unit, which is suitable for different types of professional kitchens and is transformable when needed.

The examples are Bastardo, Sandro, Beijing8 and Story. Bastardo offers lunch, drinks and dinners with rustic Italian feel. Bastardo is a trendy and chill atmosphere combined with fusion of a traditional Trattoria-Pizzeria. Sandro serves plant-based foods, but is also happy to offer sustainable seafood or organic meats to go with the veggies. Beijing8 combines ancient Chinese food culture and ecological lifestyle. Story’s food is so called market food. This is Story’s own definition of the type of food that draws its inspiration from food markets: fresh and seasonal, with a Finnish twist.

Kamppi Shopping Center has invested in safety for customers and kitchen professionals by installing the Ansul R-102 Firefighting System in nine Kortteli restaurants. The R-102, specially designed for the kitchen environment, is tailored to your needs. The aim is to quickly suppress flames and prevent re-emergence by using a protective film. The Ansul extinguishing system is available for all Jeven’s hood solutions.


There is a new block in the heart of Helsinki, welcome to Kortteli in Kamppi! Enjoy the tasty of the Kortteli restaurants, the quality services and exceptional views over the city.

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