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Restaurant Pruuvi

Tarja Lappeteläinen
Chef of Pruuvi’s kitchen

Tarja Lappeteläinen, chef of Pruuvi’s kitchen, praises the restaurant’s kitchen scents for efficiency. Work comfort is greatly improved when the ventilation is in order.

“This is an effective hood, more effective than in my previous job! The smoky smell leave suddenly. The ventilation is nice quiet and there is no sense of tension here. Temperature has also been appropriate. “

In Jeven hood there are more varied air supply adjustments, and are also found in Pruuvi. The airflow can be controlled as needed so that workers do not suffer from any harmful wielding feelings under any circumstances.

Cleaning the hoods is done every three weeks. The basic routine includes emptying the grease filter and washing the collection basin and separation plate in the dishwasher.

In Pruuvi you can spend a relaxed evening with your friends and family while enjoying delicious food and drinks. We offer flavors from all around the world with our selection of international, local and even oriental dishes.

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